Matthew Burton – GUITAR

The very first live-streaming concert of Hertford Music Club proves to be a BIG SUCCESS!

Given that Covid lockdowns had effectively put an end to our launching into the 2020-21Season, the Committee decided  that a presence on the Internet through our smart website was a waste of money unless we carried on promoting concerts. A switch to Live streaming was the obvious answer, but who could advise us about this? 

Mike Howarth, retired from the BBC, and a great supporter of local cultural events stepped in, keen to use his video skills in setting up a video-streaming concert. He Helped Matthew Burton, a prominent young guitar teacher in Hertford, to handle the tecchie bits. Matt set up his equipment in the room soon to  be occupied by their first baby! 

Matt presented his pieces in a friendly informative manner as he played music from Spain and beyond, starting with that ever popular Memory of the Alhambra. Technically his performance was immaculate and many members of the audience texted him during the performance with encouraging words. His encore, an arrangement of a Japanese folksong, featured quite amazing technique. Using a PayPal account we were able to pay for this memorable performance. 

Thank you, Matt. 

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Watch out for the next Impromtu Concert!

Harold Chaplin, Chairman