Aylwin String Quartet

Aylwin String Quartet with Brian Parsons (Tenor) and David Pollard (piano)

Sunday 18 November, 2018 | 3pm


The Aylwin String Quartet  is a distillation of the “Aylwin Ensemble” which was founded in 1996. Richard Aylwin, Ruth Hudson, Peter Mallinson and Graham Bradshaw are members of the BBC Symphony Orchestra who were keen to establish an outlet for their own creative ideas within this more intimate framework. With a desire to complement the mainstream repertoire with the unusual, the quartet were delighted when I requested them to play Vaughan Williams’  “On  Wenlock Edge”. This will be a rare performance of a unique work, combining string quartet with tenor soloist and piano accompaniment. The beautiful and frequently heart-rending poetry of A.E.Housman is set to music here and also in the “Shropshire Lad” songs by Butterworth, which complete the first part of the concert. Our musicians generously offer the Piano Quintet by Elgar to fill the second half.

Their concert programme will include:

  • “On Wenlock Edge” by R Vaughan Williams for String Quartet, Tenor and Piano
  • Songs from ”A Shropshire Lad” – Butterworth
  • Piano Quintet – Elgar